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After Hours Care

If you feel this is a life-threatening emergency, please call 911



During regular office hoursyou may speak with one of our knowledgable nurses who can answer your routine health questions, consult with your pediatrician, and relay doctor guidance. 

Our nurse line is available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 



After hours, if you have an urgent question about your child and need medical care, call our office number (206.275.2122), and you will be put through to our triage nurse answering service. The nurse will answer your questions and determine if more urgent care is needed. The nurse may put you in touch with a doctor if appropriate.


Please take note that we charge a small fee for this service, which your insurance carrier may or may not cover. This fee is waived if circumstances require a trip to the Emergency Department.

Many insurance carriers offer their own consulting nurse service that you may use to avoid the after-hours phone call charge. Check the reverse side of your insurance card for more information, or contact your insurance carrier to see if they offer this service.



If your child is not in distress and you would like to do some sleuthing prior to contacting the nurse, try out the Symptom Checker.



Emergency or Not?

Treat At Home

* Use basic first-aid and OTC meds


• Minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises

• Sneezing/runny nose

• Cough (w/o distress)

• Basic rashes w/o other symptoms



Proceed To Urgent Care

* Non-emergencies only

* When at-home treatments and OTC meds are unsuccessful


• Deep wounds requiring stitches

• Suspected sprain or broken bone

• Persistent vomiting/diarrhea

• Severe ear pain

• Mild allergic reactions

• Skin infections

• Minor animal bites



When To Go To ER


• Respiratory distress:

     Shortness of breath

     Color changes (blue, pale, grey)

     Nose flaring




• Change in mental status:

     Unusually sleepy or difficult to wake

     Sudden disorientation or confusion

• Cuts that won't stop bleeding

• Stiff neck with accompanying fever

• Ingestion of poisonous substance or too much medication

The information provided on this website is information of a general nature and is intended for informational purposes only. It should not be relied on for personal medical reasons and should not be relied upon as providing specific medical advice or for diagnosis or treatment. All information contained on this website is presented as is, without any warranties of any kind, express or implied.

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