Last updated on 7/5/2022

UPDATE 9.22.2020
We are currently using a *curbside check-in process* for in-clinic appointments. We ask that patients and parents arrive 15 minutes early for their visit, and wait in the car. A medical assistant will call when the doctor is ready, and families will then be met at the front door and let inside.

UPDATE 4.23.2020

We are now seeing healthy kids at the front desk, and having sick kids come in through the employee entrancethis is a reversal of the way we have been managing patient arrivals for the last month. When sick patients arrive, they are to call us from their cars once they are parked outside of the employee entrance, then a staff member will come out to get them.

UPDATE 3.27.2020

We are now providing virtual visits using Zoom, which enables evaluation and treatment by your doctor remotely for certain medical problems. Our staff can help you decide if this type of visit is appropriate for your child. Please call us at (206) 275-2122 during our normal business hours for more information about virtual visits.

UPDATE 3.18.2020

*As of 4/23/20, these instructions are no longer accurate.


We are working hard to ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff by segregating sick from well children. As previously stated, we are currently triaging patients with fever and cough over the phone. Some do not need to be seen, and will be managed at home. We are now asking families who are here for well exams (and have NO symptoms) to come to our entrance on the east side of the building (left side when looking at our front door from the outside). Please park on the east side of the building and enter through the side door. Follow the arrows to our conference room, which we have converted into a waiting area; there is ample space for social distancing there. Children who have symptoms of cough or fever, even if here for a well exam, should come through the front door as usual.
We are seeing sick kids on one side of our clinic, and well kids on the other side, and are moving sick and well kids to exam rooms quickly. Our goal is to have a minimal number of kids in either of our waiting areas.

Thank you for bearing with us during this challenging time. Please stay safe and healthy.