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Preparing Your Child to Start the New School Year Right

Hello MIP patients and families!

This might make me the least popular person around, as it did at a dinner time family meeting with my teenage kids last night, but it is time to think about back-to-school! While kids may lament the end of sleeping in, lax screen time rules, hanging out with friends and the generally less structured days of summer, many parents are eagerly looking forward to the start of the school year.

For most returning students, it’s smart to start getting back onto a school schedule by waking up earlier and getting to bed earlier at least a few weeks before the first day of school. Also, shifting gears back to a learning mode can help all students, including college bound students. Prioritize learning and set expectations for the upcoming year. Visiting a museum, carving out time for reading, reviewing material from the previous year, and visiting the school’s website to get a lay of the land can all be great ways to re-engage learning.

For some returning students, back to school time brings significant anxiety. This might be due to the change in schedule, starting a new school, the unknown of who will be in their class, or what the expectations will be. We parents can help quite a bit for elementary aged children by visiting the school playground before school starts, arranging play dates with likely classmates, meeting the teacher, finding where the bus stop is and other logistical matters. Walk through what a typical day will be like and make a “dry run.”

Finally, for many fall sports, it is smart to start pre-conditioning in anticipation of the first week of sports practices or “Hell Week.” Emphasis on hydration and stretching can greatly mitigate injuries early in the season which can derail participation profoundly.

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And don’t forget to schedule an appointment for back-to-school immunizations, physical exams and forms.

Have a great school year!

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